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If you are a hotel or a resort owner or a spa owner seeking to outsource the management of your spa, we are ready to undertake all aspects of the business. From ensuring your Spa is fully configured to compete within the climax of the industry, we could also arrange resourcing, setting up SOPs and conduct further trainings to ensure its smooth operation and enhance client satisfaction.

Spa setup consultation and trainings

If you are looking to setup your own high quality Spa business, or seek to improve your current Spa business, we are here to provide you with high quality consultation. From finding the best therapists, setting up treatment menus to setting up that perfect atmosphere you’ve envisioned, we are able to guide you through each step.

Further we could also guide you on the management aspects of running a Spa and establish SOPs that best suit your context. We could train your managers, your therapists and even your reception desk to deliver that perfect client service which would ensure the continuity and growth of your business. Added, if you feel your Spa business is lacking in a certain area, we could also conduct special target trainings.

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