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Wellness Treatment, the science of life, speaks about life in the most profound sense to encompass the body, senses, mind and inner consciousness. 

The body can be strong, healthy, and free of toxins, with good immunity, a healthy appetite, and capacity for exercise. The senses can be sharp, clear and sensitive. The mind can be calm, at peace and receptive, and free of emotional turbulence. Inner consciousness can be a feeling of being in rhythm with the universe. 

Ayurveda philosophy tells us that the Universe is made up of five elements. Apo (water) Thejo (fire), Vayo (air), Pruthuvi (earth) and Akash (space) and that these same elements make up the human being. These common factors create a harmony between human beings and the universe. When we are close to the natural elements of the universe and in a balanced state, human beings enjoy a feeling of well-being. 

In the external universe there are 3 causative factors – the sun, the moon and the wind. In the human body there are three constitutional elements. These elements or energies are well known in Ayurveda & Wellness treatment as “body types” - Vatha, Pitha and Kappha, the balancing of these energies lie at the heart of Ayurveda & Wellness treatment. Ayurveda & Wellness treatment methodology dictates that each individual is unique, and, with a holistic treatment taking into account the unique body type of each individual, can enjoy lasting wellbeing.

It was this understanding of the scientific base, and conviction of the efficacy of the treatment that led the founder of Le Lily Spas, Manoj Jayawardana, to introduce Holistic Treatment to the overseas guests who visit Sri Lanka, way back in 2016. Manoj was always ahead of his time, and in fact established Le Lily Spas, as one of the pioneers in Sri Lanka. 

Leading hoteliers followed suit and overseas visitors seeking Wellness treatment are now spoilt for choice with resorts offering Wellness treatment at different levels. The many star class hotels & resorts have therefore opted to outsource Spa Management services provided by Le Lily, and Le Lily has since continued to grow and refine its treatments spread around the Island at only selective star class hotels, resorts & properties that are located within a suitable environment,

Le Lily opened its 11th Branch in March 2023, at the Mount Lavania Hotel, followed by its 12th branch at Amaranthe Resorts & Spa, in Trincolamalee, in April 2023.

Le Lily Spas are providing Wellness Services in Kandy, Sigiriya, Negombo, Kalutara, Wadduwa, Trincomalee, Mount Lavania, and has planned for many more (20+ Spas) by end 2023. 

Le Lily spa recognizes the best service rendered by the right staff by carefully enlisting the most experienced therapists available from selected established global spa destinations such as; Bali, Thailand Vietnam, followed by additional training exacting standards that include spa skills, Appearance, Body Language, Body postures, Grooming and Communication. Le Lily is the only spa that has a written SOP trailed with accuracy, please refer Le Lily website Location Map and you shall find the right place you are looking for. 


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