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If you are looking for a genuine luxury Asian Spa experience in Sri Lanka, then you’ve come to the right place. The Le Lily Spa Sri Lanka specialises in unique Asian massage and guarantees you an unreal massage experience. We comprise of a team of multinational experts exclusively trained in the arts of Asian traditional massage including Balinese massage, Vietnamese massage, Tibetan warm stone massage foot massage and many other types of body massage. Not to mention the very special Sri Lankan crafted Ayurvedic massage techniques coupled with the power of traditional medicinal herbs used for centuries to energize and heal the mind and body. We have undertaken the responsibility of harmonizing even the minutest of detail to create for you an authentic Asian atmosphere. Enjoy the bliss of genuine Bali, Vietnamese, Tibetan and Sri Lankan therapies as you experience complete rejuvenation, only at The Le Lily Spa Sri Lanka.


Yehas Yenuka company (Pvt) Ltd

430/2 , Ahugammana, Delgoda





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